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Patient Stories

Living with an S-ICD

Questions for Your Doctor About Living with an S-ICD

Use This Support Tool

Use This Support Tool

Print and share: Newly diagnosed with increased risk for Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Use your browser’s print function or the email button to share these questions with your doctor.

What can you expect from living with an S-ICD? Are there areas of your life that might change? The questions below can help you get the answers you’re looking for.

  • Will an S-ICD affect my ability to drive?
  • Will an S-ICD restrict my ability to work?
  • Will an S-ICD affect my ability to participate in physical activities?
  • Will an S-ICD affect my ability to engage in sexual activities?
  • Will an S-ICD affect my ability to travel?
  • Will an S-ICD cause any issues with security screening at airports?
  • What happens if someone is touching me when I receive an electric shock?
  • How often do I need to get a routine checkup of my S-ICD?
  • What happens during a routine checkup?
  • Can I go to a different hospital to have my device checked?
  • Where should I go in case of an emergency?
  • When does my S-ICD need to be replaced? How will I know?
  • If my heart is beating faster while exercising, how does the S-ICD know the difference between that and an arrhythmia?
  • What should I know about using electrical equipment or devices?
  • What should I do if I decide to have the S-ICD deactivated or removed?

For caregivers:

  • How will our family life be affected after the S-ICD is implanted?
  • How can I help my loved one maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • What should I do if my loved one is about to receive S-ICD therapy?
  • Should I go with my loved one to the doctor?
  • What if my loved one does not recover after receiving S-ICD therapy?


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